mercredi 26 décembre 2012

The Death Ray Action Figure

Voici enfin quelque chose de beau !

6 commentaires:

  1. I have never heard of "Death Ray", is he a Villain...???
    Merry Christmas to you good Sir from the "Crypt"...

  2. If you don't known the Daniel Clowes 's Comic books you have to read them as fast as possible dear Doctor. This man is one of my fav' modern comic-artist !

    (Sorry fot my english... it's horrible I think)

  3. Your English is quite goo... Thank you for the information...

  4. Sorry the "d" did not take in last comment .. but Your English is great .. I would not have known you had any difficulty..
    and I live in Marshville without transportation... the nearest place to purchase Comic Books is over 30 Miles away... I am broke and haven't even been able to buy a "Joker" ( DC Comics) comic story in over two years...
    I will look up this comic artist and his creation "Death Ray"..
    Have a great day... the Doctor

  5. Ahh, he is a "hero"... I looked over some of his other work as well .. Thank you good Sir

  6. Ya He's a hero ! but not really a hero like SpiderSuperBatMan and other StuffMan... ^^

    Have a great day too Doc'
    Thanks !



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