dimanche 24 février 2013

Bull et Bill

Sitting Bull  &  Buffalo Bill

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  1. Buffalo Bill was an early activist for the rights of Native Americans.... Where as F. Baum (writer of the stories of "OZ") ... was just the opposite... He wanted the profits from his books to go toward the "extermination" of all of these great people... He even came up with plans to build a "Theme Park", based upon his writings to further finance his "cause"...
    Many years later His idea of a "Theme Park" was realized ... Beech Mountain in NC was a place that I once got to go to in my youth... It , however, did not last very long... And was built near the Cherokee Reservation...

  2. I just thought it "relevant" ... with the new "OZ" film that is coming out soon...

  3. you're absolutely right dear Doctor ! Your comment is "relevant".
    It's a pleasure for me to see you here.



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